Honor/Memorial Giving

Honor a Loved One by Donating to CASA

Consider making a donation to CASA in honor of a friend or family member. We will send a note to the honoree stating you made a gift in their honor (amount of gift will not be disclosed unless you request it to be). If your loved one has already passed, and you want to give a gift in their memory, a note can be sent to any surviving family members you wish.

Gifts in honor or memory are great ideas for all occasions: retirement, birthdays, anniversaries, client gifts, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc. Consider it today and share the ideas with your family and friends.

Not sure what to give as party favors to your guests at your wedding, special event or party? Make a donation to CASA in honor of all your guests. If you want, we'll help you create table cards to share with your guests about your generous donation in their honor. Please call us and we'll help you out 605-996-1212; ask for Jackie!